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Purpose of the Association

The purpose of this Association is to act on behalf of its Members collectively, as their governing body, and for the purpose of performing the powers and duties of the Association as set forth in the Articles, By-Laws, and Declaration.  The Association is entitled to act with respect to the preservation, care, maintenance, replacement, improvement, enhancement, operation and administration of both real and personal property described in the Declaration, and for the promotion of the health, safety and welfare and the common use and enjoyment thereof by Members of the Association, all on a non-profit basis.

To provide for maintenance, preservation, development and architectural control of those certain properties that are now owned by Skyline View and to own, maintain, care for, and improve such property, easements, and other rights in real property as may be conveyed to it by Skyline View.

To construct, maintain, improve, repair, reconstruct and dispose of recreational facilities, structures, roadways, landscaped areas, and such community facilities as may be desirable or appropriate for the use and benefit of the members of this corporation, or for the improvement and development of the property, or any part thereof, which this corporation shall own or over which this corporation shall have jurisdiction and to charge for the use thereof.

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