Fire Mitigation

Hazardous Fuels Mitigation Plan                         

The Caughlin Ranch Fire of 2011 came very close to our Association, and destroyed homes adjoining nearby canyons.  Shortly thereafter, your Board approved and put in place an ongoing aggressive firebreak plan on a rotating basis in the canyons surrounding our Association.  See details below.

In 2014, a consortium of the City of Reno, High Sierra Forestry, Truckee Meadows Fire, and other agencies, developed the “Rosewood Canyon Hazardous Fuels Mitigation Plan.” The plan is posted below.  Initial estimates to clear only the Skyline View portions of the canyons exceeded $50,000, which lead the Board to ask homeowners to vote a special assessment, along with an increase monthly assessment to pay for the cost one-time and ongoing fire fuels removal.  Owners voted NO.

Given the NO vote of owners, the Board is investigating the possibility of donating non-residential, non-buildable, high fire risk portions of two Association parcels to Nevada Land Trust.  Donated property will be held by the trust in perpetuity for public park type use, and fire fuels mitigation for these parcels will become the responsibility of the City of Reno.

If and when land donation becomes feasible, the Board will ask homeowners to vote to approve the donation, or increase assessments to cover the cost for paying for the canyons fire-fuels clean out.

Defensible Space vs Aggressive Firebreak

Defensible space means:  Remove weeds, cheat grass, white tops & other weeds.  This is done three times a year in May, July and September to 15 feet behind the fence line.

Aggressive Firebreak means:  Cut back flush to the ground & haul away all sage brush and native shrub, raise all tree crowns approx. 8’-10’, and weed whack all weeds.  This is done on a three year rotation, 30’-35’ beyond the fence line.

Phase 1 – 3300 to 3420 Skyline View Drive (Next scheduled 2020)

Phase 2 – Behind houses on Overlook Ct to last house on Wide Hori zon Drive (Next scheduled 2021)

Phase 3 – Saddle Ridge Court to last house on Wide Horizon Drive (Next scheduled 2019)

If you have any questions or do not see that the work has been completed when it was supposed to please contact management. 

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