Fire Mitigation

Current Fire Fuel Mitigation Plan                

The Board met with Reno Fire Marshall, Tray Palmer, this past week regarding our ongoing fire mitigation project.  Over the years the Board has explored numerous scenarios to address fire-fuels mitigation.  Most recently, the Board approved an agreement with Tri-State Fire to address fire fuels risk in both the north and south canyons.  The November 2020 north canyon fire effectively removed that canyon from the agreement.   

As you may recall in 2014, the Rosewood Canyon Hazardous Fuels Mitigation Plan was completed with recommendations for reducing fire fuels in the canyons. This document is posted on our website.  Our portion of Rosewood Canyon is 27.6 acres which represents 28 percent of Rosewood.  

Following the recommendations from the Rosewood Canyon Report, the Board began to implement a 15ft and 30ft defensible space throughout the Association.  We also selected low-risk vegetation for landscaping projects.  

What’s new?  The City of Reno has received a $400K grant for fire-fuels mitigation for Rosewood Canyon.  Nevada Dept. of Forestry will likely manage the project.  Reno Fire Department will be doing the work or contracting it out, and paying for all work with grant funds.  This is good news for us!


1.  The Board, through its agreement with All Seasons Landscape, will continue to do 15ft and 30ft defensible space and select low-risk vegetation. 

2.  Reno Fire Department and Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF) will update the Rosewood Canyon report, as needed.  Agents were on site Friday, March 26.   

3.  Mitigation efforts will NOT include a controlled burn.  All mitigation will be completed by hand, as the south canyon steep slopes will not accommodate heavy machinery.  Mitigation will focus on defensible space 30ft to 100 feet from the back fences. 

4.  The work in the south canyon will be completed in 2021.  

5.  Recovery work (such as pre-emergent, new plantings) will take place in both canyons

We will be communicating with homeowners regularly as this project moves forward.  

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